Century Corporation: One of the Largest Mexican Necktie Factories Since 1993

With our Automatic German Production Machines and fabrics of the Highest Quality, we make the finest necktie made in Mexico.


We have the capacity to produce any volume of neckties, delivering exactly the products our clients order in the moment they need them.


We manufacture the own brand of several recognized Mexican companies.

Corporate Design

We help you with your corporate design, fabricating our products in your corporate colors or with your logo.


Together with our suppliers and designers we can carry out any project.


Thanks to our intelligent distribution system we supply your stores with the merchandise you need just in time.


Does one of your clients want more than 100 neckties in a special design and color? We will send them to you!

After Sales Support

For our corporate clients we perform detailed sales analysis and we develop concepts to optimize revenue.


With innovative ideas and our great collection we always manage to improve sales for our customers.

What else? We have the best designs!

Century has the latest designs that allow you to choose the model and color you need in the width you want. But that’s not all, working together with Century you benefit from our excellent after sales support.

  • Years of cooperation with the best suppliers in Europe and Asia.

  • A well-assorted collection, always up to date.

  • For all our designs we have minimum 6 colors to chose from.

More Designs and Variety than Ever!

Meet our brands and all our products that help you improve your sales.

What else does Century offer? We will tell you!

Century Corporation S.A. De C.V. is a Mexican family owned company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of neckties and other accessories for women, men and children. We have more than 25 years of experience in the textile industry and 500,000 pieces annual production capacity prove that we do an excellent job. In our 10,800ft2 production plant in Mexico City we operate with the best German automatic necktie production machinery in the world. Together with our specialized team of  approximately 40 internal and external employees, we produce high quality neckties, bow-ties, handkerchiefs, belts, scarves, vests and other accessories. Hence, Century contributes its share to the Mexican economy, maintaining the knowledge and tradition of making neckties 100% made in Mexico. We have strong ties to our national and international suppliers, in Europe and Asia, so that we always count with the latest designs. For each of our clients we develop tailored sales concepts to always offer the best product with the best service. This is what excels Century and therefore our customers choose us.

To maintain our position as leader in the production of neckties and accessories in Mexico, extending our business to North America and Europe through a strategy of vertical integration.

Promoting creativity and responsibility within our team and investing in innovative production machinery allows us to manufacture high quality products in a sustainable way, which is always the most beneficial for our customers.

We offer products of the highest quality made by Mexican specialists using the most advanced technology. We combine tradition with innovation to create honest products, 100% made in Mexico.

Thanks to 25 years of experience, a strong team and a well-developed infrastructure, Century has the capacity and flexibility to manufacture all our products according to the needs of our customers. We are analytical with our projects, looking for an efficient way to get results. At the same time we apply creative ideas to surpass us in each step that we do for our clients.

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Why Century?

  • More than a quarter of a century of experience.

  • Innovative German production machinery.

  • Ample collection of designs from Europe and Asia.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Great capacity in production and logistics.

  • Team of experts.

  • Novel and creative ideas.