Our Areas of Expertise

Century Corporation has more than a quarter of a century of experience in the textile industry. We use all our knowledge to develop a tailored strategy adapted to the needs of each of our clients. Thanks to our team of experts, excellent logistics, production capacity and sales monitoring we can offer a comprehensive service that supports our customers. To achieve this, we perform detailed analyses of each project and apply creative ideas to surpass us in every step. We collaborate with the best national and international suppliers in Europe and Asia to always offer modern fabrics and products of the highest quality.

Considering all that has been said, Century offers you a wide portfolio of services such as production of your own brand, manufacture of corporate clothing, marketing consulting, logistics management and much more.


We have the capacity to produce any volume of neckties, delivering exactly the products our clients order in the moment they need them.


We manufacture the own brand of several recognized Mexican companies.

Corporate Design

We help you with your corporate design, fabricating our products in your corporate colors or with your logo.


Together with our suppliers and designers we can carry out any project.


Thanks to our intelligent distribution system we supply your stores with the merchandise you need just in time.


Does one of your clients want more than 100 neckties in a special design and color? We will send them to you!

After Sales Support

For our corporate clients we perform detailed sales analysis and we develop concepts to optimize revenue.


With innovative ideas and our great collection we always manage to improve sales for our customers.

Our Services in Detail

Century Corporation has more than 25 years of experience in the textile industry. In addition, we have a spacious production plant and the best German automatic machinery in the world to make neckties. This allows us to produce a high-quality product in any volume. We combine these aspects with the latest designs of our suppliers to manufacture our brands and the own brands of our customers. We offer a comprehensive service selecting designs together with our customers, designing labels, boxes, shop displays and everything needed to market the necktie, optimizing your inventory flow and analyzing sales to develop a customized strategy for each customer.

Identification makes the difference!

Century Corporation offers its clients, you the possibility to give personality and distinction to your company, institution or event. We make neckties, bow-ties, handkerchiefs or neckerchiefs with your company logo or in your corporate colors. In the design process we use digital means of communication, providing all the flexibility to our clients to select styles, colors and quality of the fabric according to their needs. At the end, together with our specialized suppliers we weave or print the custom fabric and we manufacture it conforming to your requirements.

We optimize your inventory. As a Mexican necktie producer, we manufacture and deliver your products when you require them. Hence, you do not have to worry about your replenishment or have to invest in expensive storage space.

In addition, we always have a large collection of designs in all kinds of qualities. Therefore, we can easily deliver any type of special order.

In Century we are focused on delivering the best product with a comprehensive service. Therefore, we analyze sales on a weekly basis and assign codes according to the color and model of each necktie. In addition, we regionalize sales, taking into account that different types (wide or narrow) and qualities (silk or polyester) of neckties do not sell in the same proportion throughout the republic. We have well defined high and low seasons and we deliver according to sales. In the end, thanks to our years of experience and extensive database we are able to develop a customized sales strategy for each client.