Our Products

We produce silk, microfiber and polyester neckties in any volume and width for men and children.

We make silk, microfiber and polyester bow-ties in the size you need for men and children.

We have silk, microfiber and polyester handkerchiefs, satin or jacquard.

We offer casual and dress belts, one sized or in sizes: 30-32, 34-36, 38-40, 42-44.

To protect you from cold winters, we have smooth 65% Viscose / 35% Polyester unisex scarves in various designs and colors.

Together with our corporate design team we make neckerchiefs with your logo or in your corporate colors.

Looking for something special for your outfit? We manufacture vests in unique designs.

We offer single girdles or in sets with bow-ties for men and children.

Own Brands


“The ultimate expression of elegance.”

Ortalioni was created in 1993 to represent our finest Products. The smooth and natural feeling of Silk cannot be matched by any other fabric. Thanks to our German and Italian suppliers, Ortalioni Gold and Silver silk neckties revive classic models combined with fresh colors. It’s the perfect necktie to complement important business meetings or ceremonial events.


  • Neckties and Bow-ties 100% Silk Jacquard

  • Neckties and Bow-ties 100% Silk Printed

  • 100% Leather Belt

Enrico Rossini

“Classic designs in contemporary colors, a touch of conservative fashion.”

Founded in 1993, Enrico Rossini stands for our premium products in modern or conservative designs. The brand represents innovative neckties made out of Microfiber. Microfiber is a mix of Polyester and Polyamide, which gives the fabric a soft feeling and shiny pattern. Our Microfiber neckties made from German fabric for some people are almost indistinguishable from normal silk neckties. This makes it the perfect companion for everyday office live or any important event one is attending.


  • Neckties and Bow-ties 100% Microfiber Jacquard or Satin

  • Vest 100% Polyester

  • Gridles 100% Polyester

  • Belt 50% Leather / 50% Polyurethane

  • Scarf 65% Viscose / 35% Polyester

  • Handkerchief 100% Printed Polyester

Bellucci & Massimo Clessi

“The distinction of Italian designs to dress according to the fashion.”

Bellucci and Massimo Clessi exist since 1997. The brands combine Microfiber and Polyester fabrics to serve the fashionably inclined mind. They stand out due to their beautiful designs and durability.


  • Neckties and Bow-ties 100% Microfiber Jacquard or Satin

  • Neckties and Bow-ties 100% Polyester Jacquard or Satin

New Rochelle & Londonderry

“Combining classic and contemporary designs.”

New Rochelle and Londonderry are our brands for the mass market. These neckties are perfect for customers who require a durable product, with classic and modern designs at a competitive price. Therefore, New Rochelle and Londonderry neckties are perfect for casual events or part-time jobs in a bar, restaurant, etc.


  • Necktie 100% Polyester Jacquard or Satin

  • Neckties with Clip for Children 100% Polyester Jacquard or Satin

  • Bow-ties for Children 100% Polyester Jacquard or Satin

  • Girdles for Children 100% Polyester Satin

  • Handkerchief 100% Polyester Satin